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Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon

aquarius-sun-aquarius-moonThe scientific bent is strong in you. You are an analyst, an organizer as well as a finder of information and knowledge, and you see your knowledge in broad, social, and philosophic sweeps. Your bent is critical rather than creative or executive, though in your executive power over the minds of men you are not easily excelled. In your personal life you are romantic, though a tendency to relate your personal feelings to large principles and generalizations makes you more like a book of poetry than a realistic lover.

You aren’t likely to marry beneath you for, despite a wide interest in people, your discrimination is strong and your innate fineness and good taste will lead you to a choice of a mate from your own social station, if not above it. You are a great reader and student, self-sufficient at times, while at others you crave society – any company being preferable to none. And you are likely to collect odd assortments of people around you, all sorts of waifs and strays who fascinate you despite your underlying snobbery. Nerves will always beset you more or less, and a tendency to live on nervous energy must be suppressed; learn to relax.

Grant Lewi

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