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Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope

Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, wrote in a letter to James Madison (later the fourth President) that “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing”. Although Jefferson was an Aries by birth and was writing about riots in Massachusetts, he could have been expressing the founding sentiment of every Aquarian. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, tucked between the conventional, disciplined Capricorn and the sensitive, impressionable Pisces. Although known as the Waterbearer, Aquarius is in fact an air sign and pours forth not water but uncontainable ether, defined as ‘clear upper air’, which certainly resonates with the Aquarian’s rather lofty mental attitude and its amazing ability to think outside the box. This is the most intellectual of the air signs and many Aquarians exhibit a prodigious arrogance which makes them charmers on the one hand and intolerant know-it-alls on the other. The Waterbearers are an independent, friendly and yet emotionally detached group, from whom it is always wise to expect the unexpected and who love the idea of being rebels with or without a particular cause. Aquarius is an enigmatic and bewildering mass of contradictions, and confusing in the extreme to those who look for the straightforward and easy. At the same time, it is probably the most intriguing of the astrological signs and life with an Aquarian will never be run of the mill.

Uranus is Aquarius’ ruling planet, but before its discovery in 1781 Saturn had taken the role. These two planets, astrologically, represent radically different concepts: Saturn epitomises duty, perseverance and restriction whereas Uranus symbolises freedom, originality and sudden change and all Aquarians embody these contrasting traits. They often revere the past and hold fast to convention, and yet at the same time are desperate to embrace the new. Thus, they frequently stick firmly to the status quo only to take sudden decisions that are radical in the extreme or, more likely, they become restless and bored and behave in such a manner that a decision to move on is taken for them, often in the form of dismissal.

Aquarius is a fixed sign which means that it’s inflexible and has a deep dislike of change. Together with the other fixed signs of the zodiac (Leo, Taurus and Scorpio), Aquarius needs to feel that somewhere along the line it has deep roots to which it is totally – but sometimes misguidedly – loyal. Understanding that life has distinct phases and that situations are rarely permanent is often a bit of a blind spot for Aquarians. It’s easy for them to become trapped in a particular time and lifestyle until it dawns that circumstances have altered and everyone else has moved on. Frequently Aquarians talk a lot about change and yet do nothing about it, leaving question marks over their ideas on focus and commitment. Dyed-in-the-wool versus utterly contrary makes them interesting but rather bewildering company, particularly because the Aquarian has very definite views on absolutely everything and is never afraid of an argument, especially if it’s able to convince someone that night is really day.

 With their independent attitude, a real difficulty in dealing with their emotions and not listening to someone else’s point of view, it’s often difficult for them to be a team player. Although they’ll be the first to organise a charity event or to get involved in an international aid effort, they manage to maintain a personal detachment from events and people, thus making them appear aloof and sometimes slightly cool. But it is precisely this ability to distance themselves emotionally that means they are some of the best people to deal with disasters and situations that defy imagination. Aquarians are humanitarians writ large.

 As with everything Aquarian, one minute they want to be alone, the next enjoy a great party. It’s that unpredictability! Getting to know Aquarians is never easy, partly because they don’t take kindly to anyone delving too closely into what they see as personal ‘no-go’ areas and can give a very cold shoulder to those tempted to ask one question too many. Aquarius, however, has no qualms whatsoever about querying every aspect of other people’s lives. Most Aquarians have a multitude of friends and a very full contacts book and are frequently at their best within a large group where emotional intimacy is not required. This is a sign that puts friendship high on its list of priorities often because it taps into the Waterbearer’s kindness and helpfulness. Aquarius also hopes it obviates the necessity for genuine empathy with which it never feels truly at home.

As would be only appropriate for the zodiac’s natural rebels, Aquarians believe that rules are there to be broken, or at least ignored, as and when it suits them but, as with many aspects of the Aquarian existence, the Waterbearers take contrary views over such matters. Noticing an able-bodied person parking in a space set aside for the disabled, Aquarius will either mutter rather loudly while passing, or approach the culprit with a fairly cutting remark, feeling it has stood up for the rights of a very special group. On the other hand, of course, all Aquarians can make a very good case for flouting the rules as and when it suits them. Sometimes the need for Aquarius to be different from the rest comes out in a contrived contrariness, as though they are striving really hard to prove they are not only bohemian and exciting but rebellious to boot. ‘Modern in outlook but fixed in opinion’ is often used to describe Aquarius. Whilst tiptoeing around the fragile emotions of the average Cancerian is par for the course, it is often just as important to treat an Aquarian with kid gloves until it’s clear whether the Waterbearer is on good form or not. In friendly mode he or she will be wonderfully entertaining company but on an off day any overtures could be met with rudeness and possibly rather childish and temperamental behaviour that’s guaranteed to offend. Despite that, this is the sign that is probably the most broadminded in the zodiac, recognising none of the “isms” – from ageism and elitism to racism. If there is silence from the Waterbearer about any issue, it’s usually its way of showing complete indifference.

 Aquarius values independence and freedom, whether it’s spending time on its own or just enjoying the space inherent in a wonderful view. This is not a sign that craves company for company’s sake and yet, having gone out for a walk or taken a solo trip around the country (with the genuine intention of being on its own), the Waterbearer will come back with a few additions to the address book and a host of stories about its adventures. All Aquarians are born with idealism as part and parcel of their astrological make-up and it is invariably bound up with a need to associate with a greater good. In any gathering, from a demo to a local committee meeting, there will probably be a good turnout of Waterbearers, eager to bring about a better world. Aquarians are blessed with a reforming spirit, inventive thinking and a progressive outlook, all of which are greatly helped by its refusal to listen to negative comments and pessimistic grumblings once they have taken a cause to heart. Steadfastness, which frequently borders on obstinacy, can also be a useful addition to the mix.

Many members of this sign very often feel they are out on a limb. Taking an unpopular stance never worries them and they have no fears about upsetting apple carts. They might, later on, wish they hadn’t been so perverse or stubborn at the time, but while in the middle of fighting for a cherished ideal they rarely listen to wise caution or take a few steps back. Many organisations, from national associations to local groups have good reason to be thankful to an Aquarian for cutting through red tape (a real Aquarius bugbear) or for taking on a seemingly impossible challenge – and winning. The Aquarian’s rational and logical mind lends itself to all kinds of scientific careers, but they also make wonderful charity workers, international emissaries, communicators and administrators. However, the key to the Aquarian job satisfaction is allowing them to do their own thing within a larger corporate structure. They are some of the zodiac’s natural freelancers: being at someone’s beck and call does not bring out the best in any Waterbearer.

The Age of Aquarius is here and the humanitarian aspects of the Aquarian character are already shining through. World concern over injustices, genocide, famine and anything else that emphasises both man’s inhumanity to man and ecological disaster is coming to the fore and there will be many Aquarians who will want to belong to, or better head up, any organisation trying to bring change. Friendly, kind, loyal and thoroughly likeable, the Aquarian is invariably popular but that cool detachment means its independence is never compromised and its famous unpredictability ensures that it’ll never be tied to situations or people that restrict its freedom. A mystery, a conundrum – that’s Aquarius.

The Aquarius Man

Think of charm, and it’s usually Libra that comes to mind, but the Aquarian man is not so far behind. His appeal comes not from his ability to smile and small-talk his way around the room, although he is more than capable of doing just that should the need arise, but from his genuine interest in all and sundry. With close friends and family, his arrival is usually a fairly noisy one: a succession of compliments, anecdotes and complaints about the world at large announcing his presence. On entering a room where he’s not so sure of the company, whether in a professional or personal capacity, he’s likely to seem rather aloof. In fact, he’s making a coolly detached assessment of the personnel and taking a thoroughly rational decision about who he’s going to approach. Emotions and the Aquarian man are frequently strangers to each other and at all times he ensures his head rules his heart. This is not the man to whom it’s wise to unburden one’s soul: he’ll make a few pertinent remarks and then quite clearly call for reinforcements or beat a hasty retreat. However, he is usually known for great kindness and whilst not strong on the emotional empathy he’ll move heaven and earth to give practical help in a crisis.

 On the other side of the Aquarian man’s charismatic coin is someone who is totally in thrall to his own opinions and always in the right. These men can be autocratic martinets both at home and at work and extremely difficult to deal with. However, they are not complete fools. They know that by sticking to their guns in certain situations they’ll get the right result, but there will be a few occasions when, given a bit of time and space, they do go along with someone else’s thinking but pass it off as their own. Mr Aquarius is not known as “the Right Man” for nothing. Luckily for the rest of the zodiac, most Aquarian men take a very fair and reasonable attitude to life but still manage to fight for causes and to care about humanitarian issues with revolutionary zeal.

It’s sometimes very difficult to know what goes on in the Aquarian man’s head, let alone his heart. He values his independence and freedom and, far more than any emotional or soul union, feels that having a best friend is the real deal. Mr Aquarius invariably has a large circle of best mates who will rarely be shoved into second place because of some little incidental like his committed partnership. Women friends are just as important to him as his male companions, and amongst those female acquaintances are probably a couple of ex-lovers and possibly an ex-wife too. Jealousy is not in his DNA and he can’t see why everyone shouldn’t get on together. In every aspect of his life, he’ll want to stand out from the crowd. Dress codes either tend to be ignored or he’ll be totally conventional and complain about someone else who is clearly not cutting the mustard. He is also the man who will wear clothes until they are almost falling apart at the seams, reluctant to give up old favourites!

 At first meeting, he seems to be fun, intelligence and challenge in a very interesting package. It can come as a shock to realise that it’s going to take much time and patience, to say nothing of a lot of laisser-faire and a good sense of humour, to pin him down.

The Aquarius Woman

Glamorous, kind, friendly and utterly engaging is an appropriate description of the Aquarian woman. Whilst often seeming slightly aloof, Aquarian women are in fact interested in everyone, keen to put people at ease and ready to give a helping hand to friend and stranger alike. Like her male counterpart, she often feels rather gauche when it comes to anything tactile. She is not comfortable at being kissed or cuddled by people she considers to be more or less strangers and as for a group hug – that is not her territory at all. However, the emotional coolness inherent in Mr Aquarius is slightly softened in his female counterpart. Because of her ability to detach herself from a situation she’s inevitably seen as a very good counsellor: non-judgmental, sympathetic and uninvolved.

Hospitality and making introductions are two of her great strengths. This is a woman who knows how to throw a great party and has the happy knack of getting people from all sorts of backgrounds under one roof and making it a memorable and successful occasion. She’ll have a vast network of friends with whom she makes a huge effort to keep in touch, but sometimes adds new acquaintances to the list without giving real thought as to whether this is a sensible move or not. Like all Aquarians she fights a battle between wanting a settled life on the one hand and the excitement of the new on the other. Freedom and independence are essential to her: once she feels stifled by any situation she’ll almost subconsciously create a situation of one kind or another that ensures the status quo is overthrown. Ms Aquarius is extremely loyal to those she loves but if a friendship has to end she usually manages to extricate herself with logic and intellect rather than great emotional drama. Sartorially, she will either be elegance personified in a very chic little number or wear something loose and flowing reminiscent of the hippy culture: it will all depend on whether it’s a day for the conventional or the unpredictable lady to be on show.

Very few Aquarian women distance themselves from a good cause or three and, with her legendary ability not to worry about what other people think, she’s very likely to take up charities and situations that are not likely to attract the A List. She genuinely believes that she can improve the lot of anything from her own family to a school or even a country. These are the women who think nothing of taking a gap year at forty and starting a completely new life, having agonised for years about making the change. Not to be forgotten, of course, is her sense of humour which tends to get her through her more difficult moments and certainly helps when she faces any kind of emotional crisis. Yes, Ms Aquarius can be contrary, stubborn and thoroughly unpredictable, but her genuine kindness, humanitarianism, wit and intelligence make her a loyal and trusted friend for each and every season.

Aquarius Zodiac

Aquarius Zodiac

Relating to Aquarius

The other air signs who understand the Waterbearer’s intellectual approach to life should be front runners in the relationship stakes, with the fire signs coming a close second. However, it’s often the earth and water signs who really bowl over the Waterbearer and these relationships are much more complicated.

Aquarius and Aries

The Aries’ enthusiasm, energy and adventurous spirit are immediately attractive to Aquarius who sees in the Ram a wonderful companion and someone who truly understands its freedom-loving ways. These two will have an enormous amount of fun together, enjoy a full social life and indulge in a lot of verbal parrying, each determined to win the argument. They appreciate each other’s rather direct approach to life and both also value a bit of freedom. However, that independence takes very different forms. Aries is often extremely selfish and wants to take control and do its own thing, not taking kindly to being reminded that someone else might have a view on the situation. The more Aries indulges in theatrical behaviour and noisy rhetoric when dealing with its feelings, the more the Waterbearer backs off from this potentially fiery three act drama. The Aquarian’s idea of independence merely involves not being subjected to a grand inquisition every time it returns home. Thus, there are phases of no real communication and Aries feels that it’s just wasting its time while Aquarius is looking for the exit sign. The Aquarian’s rather unpredictable behaviour, its lack of ambition and its unfailing ability to get involved with what Aries sees as questionable people and causes can be exasperating to the Ram, while Aquarius finds it immensely frustrating trying to deal with the Aries ego. With neither sign known for its fiscal restraint, these two can easily get into financial difficulties. It’s often Aquarius, fearing loss of the status quo, who has to take charge. Sexually these two usually send the thermometer rocketing and it’s often the physical side that keeps everything on track when other factors are not so rosy. This duo will feel that nothing is barred and that experimentation is definitely to be encouraged. Boredom is the real killer for these two but although that’s not likely, neither can afford to be complacent. Staying together for the sake of it isn’t on either game plan and Aries, particularly, could be tempted to jump before it is pushed. However, if these two decide to stay together, that’s what they’ll do – and with aplomb.

Aquarius and Taurus

Aquarius (air) and Taurus (earth) both relish the status quo, feel threatened by change and can be more than a little inflexible. On first meeting, therefore, these two see themselves as twin souls, yearning for the same certainties. Taurus is also enchanted by what it sees as the slightly zany Aquarian approach to life, whilst Aquarius immediately feels safe and secure with the Taurean. The sexual attraction is often palpable. Both, however, are blind to each other’s intractability and to the fact that together they can create major dust storms. Taurus is probably the most risk-averse sign in the zodiac and takes its responsibilities very seriously. The Bull, like its Capricorn cousin, tends to put duty and/or business before pleasure which the Waterbearer sees as anything from disappointing to exasperating. Aquarius definitely needs a companion and playmate. These two can also come unstuck over money. Taurus is determined to provide financial security and is not averse to holding the purse strings very tightly. It certainly doesn’t appreciate the Aquarian’s penchant for helping out anyone who is going through a tough time. Aquarius starts to realise that the Bull spends money only on its own terms and starts to resent its “one rule for me and one for you” approach. Taurus is also highly sensual and this doesn’t always marry well with the Waterbearer’s cooler approach. Aquarius often complains that its Taurean partner is not particularly tactile, but conveniently forgets that it’s been shrugging off the Bull’s loving behaviour and gentle hugs for a long time. Nevertheless, neither sign will quickly walk out on this relationship and both can show a bloody-minded determination to make it work. Aquarius is extremely loyal and the Bull very pragmatic (Taurean money is not going down the drain labelled ‘divorce and legal fees’). With time and tolerance these two can make a marvellous relationship and, over the years, a real sense of belonging and a true understanding tend to develop.

Aquarius and Gemini

This relationship is very often a meeting of minds, with each sign’s intellect, logic and airy disregard for the mundane and the ordinary being the mutual fascination. Gemini, not remotely possessive, understands the Aquarian’s need for independence and the Waterbearer enjoys the busy Gemini lifestyle. These two usually rush hither and thither from one social occasion to the next and, as neither is particularly concerned with convention, won’t worry whether they turn up early, late, dressed for the occasion or bearing the right gifts! They chatter endlessly despite the fact that Aquarius often tires of the rather glib and shallow Gemini take on situations, and on knowledge generally, while the Twin thinks the Aquarian tends to become over-opinionated a little too often. The Waterbearer’s inability ever to admit being in the wrong is also irksome. As both are adept at skirting around situations if they so choose, there is often much talk and a singular lack of true understanding. Neither wants to get dragged into a lot of emotional drama and certainly there will be no conversations that start with “tell me how you feel”. Financially they tend to lurch from one small crisis to another as neither is particularly concerned with amassing a fortune. Gemini imagines that around the next corner there’ll be some extra cash and, much to everyone’s surprise, that’s often what happens: the Twin’s versatility and adaptability frequently get them out of trouble. The sexual side of this relationship is likely to sizzle at the beginning. Each is completely turned on by the other’s intellect and finds conversation to be their best form of foreplay. However, as both suffer from a low boredom threshold and neither is particularly sensual they often, quite happily, decide that their friendship is far more important than anything else and allow the physical side to go by the board. Despite both signs occasionally setting their sights on fresh fields to conquer, they invariably stay together. Fun, laughter and the intellectual challenge are the ties that bind.

Aquarius and Cancer

Aquarius functions from the head and intellect, Cancer from the emotions and the heart. These two are chalk and cheese and for that very reason frequently feel they were made for each other. The Waterbearer is enchanted by the Crab’s kind and sympathetic outlook and its ability to make the Aquarian feel thoroughly spoilt and pampered. The Waterbearer, meanwhile, dramatically opens up the Crab’s world and encourages it to throw its natural caution to the winds. There are, however, some fundamental differences which either sink this relationship in the early stages or require much patience and tolerance over the longer term. Cancer is a worrier, can be moody and needs security, especially a small financial nest egg, and frets when Aquarius takes such a haphazard approach to life and money. Aquarius enjoys verbal jousting, even arguing just for the sake of it, but Cancer ends up an emotional wreck and takes everything too personally. Aquarius can also come across as rather detached which, to Cancer, is thoroughly off-putting, as it needs a strong emotional connection in the relationship. The biggest potential problem, however, is the Crab’s sometimes rather clingy behaviour which crashes into the buffers of the Aquarian’s need for independence and which Cancer invariably sees as a threat. Sexually these two usually start at very hot. Aquarius adores the Cancerian’s very loving and giving attitude whilst the Crab revels in the Waterbearer’s decidedly inventive approach. After a time, however, Cancer starts to resent the Aquarian’s quirky and thoroughly adventurous ideas and, equally, Aquarius realises that the Crab’s timetable schedules less and less time for intimacy. If this relationship gets past the first few years, neither is likely to rush into a parting of the ways. Aquarius is loyal and Cancer tenacious: thus age, love and experience frequently help them to make an excellent job of what can be a relationship full of pitfalls and emotional drama.

Aquarius and Leo

Opposite signs of the zodiac often feel very much at home with what they instinctively feel is a soul mate. For Aquarius and Leo the relationship can be glorious, contentious, fiery, and greatly revealing and is never likely to plumb the depths of boredom. Neither copes well with change and both can be incredibly stubborn: if there are no demarcation lines, each will blame the other for interference, bossiness and trying to take control. Leo is usually fascinated by the Aquarian’s quirky sense of humour, intellect and slightly cavalier attitude to life, whilst Aquarius is more than happy to bask in Leo’s warm, generous and huge personality. Leo needs to live on a grand scale and Aquarius is always happy to go along with that, while the Lion feels both challenged and invigorated by the Waterbearer’s seeming disdain for convention and doing the right thing. Both rate pleasure and good times very highly and are invariably impressed by the contents of the other’s address book: they like to feel they are part of an in-crowd. Leo doesn’t possess the Waterbearer’s independent spirit and can sometimes resent the fact that Aquarius doesn’t always want to be part of a twosome: also, the Lion’s egocentricity is at odds with the Aquarian’s huge interest in the world at large. Leo’s sensitivity, hidden behind a lot of bombast, is often a mystery to the more emotionally aloof Aquarian whose inability to apologise, sudden disappearances and tendency to be perverse just for the sake of it, exasperates the Lion. Sexually, these two are both looking for the best ever experience and the hot-blooded Leo is more than capable of indulging the Aquarian’s wildest fantasies, unless those fantasies involve a third party which will definitely relegate Leo (in its own mind) to second best, and that must never happen. Often these two don’t get past the first few dates, but further down the track, as neither sign is quick to rush into change, they usually stay together far longer than perhaps even they think possible, making a great success of what can sometimes be quite a combative relationship.

Aquarius and Virgo

Earth (Virgo) and air (Aquarius) relationships are not always easy. Earth tends to think air is a bit superficial and inconsistent while air sees earth as constraining and mundane. However, between these two signs there is the wonderful attraction of the rational mind and a mutual need to acquire and disseminate knowledge. Good verbal communication, for better or worse, is the key to this relationship, especially as neither sign is entirely comfortable in the emotional realm: problems will never be solved by appealing to each other’s feelings. Initially Aquarius is attracted to Virgo’s sense of order, practical and capable manner and its ability to focus on detail while the Virgin is often blown away by what it sees as the Waterbearer’s contrary opinions and penchant for the unconventional. Aquarius is also captivated by the quiet Virgoan charm. Both, however, can be opinionated: Virgo concentrates on the minutiae of the argument while Aquarius either walks off in a huff or firmly digs in its heels. With Virgo the more adaptable of the two, it is frequently the Virgin who has to give in only to find, after a rather chilly day or two, that Aquarius has revised its opinion! On the financial front, Virgo worries constantly while Aquarius always believes that things will be better tomorrow and certainly doesn’t want to get involved in the practical details of Virgo’s budget. Generally, in all aspects of life, Virgo tries to rein in Aquarius who, in turn, is desperate for independence and freedom of action. Sexually, this relationship is probably not one of the zodiac’s sizzlers (although at the beginning both signs will think it is) but for these two it’s the friendship, the meeting of minds and a recognition that they both need their own space that, long-term, matter far more. Many Aquarius/Virgo relationships fall at an early hurdle but for those who clear the obstacles, the Aquarian loyalty combined with Virgo’s versatility often makes this a surprisingly successful partnership.

Aquarius and Libra

Aquarius and Libra are both air signs and, no matter whether they experience gentle breezes or storm force winds, tend to be thoroughly compatible. Both thrive in a large group of friends and acquaintances and the social scene that goes with them. Aquarius is very happy to join the often glamorous Libran lifestyle as much as Libra is frequently intrigued by the eclectic mix that surrounds the Aquarian. They are also big spenders and, if difficulties loom, decide to worry about that another day and carry on splashing the cash. Libra, however, will try to increase its earnings but Aquarius won’t be quite so keen to be forced into anything. Libra is both fair-minded and tolerant and gives plenty of rein to the more unpredictable Aquarian, who rarely feels hemmed in by this particular partner. Equally the Waterbearer tends to ignore the Libran’s difficulties in making decisions by taking the initiative and getting things done. To begin with, too, Aquarius finds the Libran dislike of coping with the less interesting of life’s tasks rather charming but as time goes on it becomes a real bone of contention. Most importantly, these two genuinely feel they understand each other and revel in a wonderful friendship. However, sooner rather than later the Aquarian, who is quite astute about people and their motives, gets irritated beyond belief at Libra’s gullibility and its need to please. Arguments develop on the one hand over Libra not standing up for itself and ducking an argument and, on the other, over the Aquarian’s sometimes rather forthright and stubborn behaviour which really riles the more peaceable Libran. On the sexual side, this relationship gets off to a marvellous start, but as with all the air signs, intimacy can go off the boil and become quite tepid as the years go on. As both can be very romantic and frequently value their loving rapport more than the physical relationship, they tend to share many anniversaries and are often seen by the rest of the world as a match made in heaven.

Aquarius and Scorpio

Air (Aquarius) and water (Scorpio) signs gravitate towards each other with unfailing regularity, both sensing that they are advancing into a pretty hazardous situation. Yet these two forceful members of the zodiac seem totally unable to call a halt to this little adventure, approaching each other with a magnetic attraction. Aquarius is in thrall to the Scorpion’s intuitive understanding, sense of purpose and generally rather powerful demeanour, while Scorpio is fascinated by the Waterbearer’s clever ability to be thoroughly conventional and amazingly modern. This is very much an attraction of opposites except that they both have the same obstinacy and inability to admit defeat, a characteristic that can lead to many bitter arguments which range from towering rage to hours of simmering silence. Scorpio’s deep feelings, which include jealousy, are not easily soothed by the freedom-loving Aquarian and very often Aquarius feels completely overwhelmed by the Scorpio’s vortex of complex emotions. Add in the fact that Scorpio never forgets a slight or words said in the heat of the moment and Aquarius can be detachment personified, and both start to think about the exit. However, they also share a huge sense of loyalty and a reluctance to rush into change, qualities that tend eventually to make them forgive and forget. Scorpio is definitely one of the zodiac’s high achievers which really excites the Aquarian, who takes a more haphazard and laid back attitude to getting on in life. Financially, Scorpio worries dreadfully about its security and although the Aquarian has some of the same concerns, money matters won’t dominate the Aquarian thinking as much as it does the Scorpion’s. A very satisfying sex life is often the key to holding this duo together. This way they are able to deal with the emotions that they cannot verbalise and, as with everything to do with this sun-sign combination, their love life either dies an early death or continues well into old age. Aquarius and Scorpio can take each other to the heights or the depths in all aspects of life.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

Sagittarius can be one of the best partners for Aquarius. Both value independence and totally understand each other’s need for a certain amount of freedom in the relationship. This is rarely about wanting to be with someone else (though obviously that’s not unknown) but far more about not being beholden to anyone for every hour of the day and, crucially, for being trusted. Trust is the key to holding this relationship together: once that has gone, the partnership has found the departure gate. The intellectual rapport between these two is usually highly stimulating. Being air and fire signs, they need to keep on the move: this is not a partnership that thrives on a lot of sitting about. They quickly become each other’s best friend and, however the relationship develops, that companionship invariably remains. Aquarius can sometimes feel thoroughly put down by the Sagittarian’s tactless remarks and patronising attitude but the Archer’s more adaptable and versatile personality can come up against the Aquarian’s intransigence and aversion to change. Because neither sign is totally at home with its emotions, they happily skirt around anything that spells deep and meaningful. Feelings are frequently dealt with by Sagittarius erupting in a short, sharp burst of temper and Aquarius resorting to a chilly silence. Ambition and living the high life are not the raison d’être for either sign but both can be spendthrift. Problems arise when each assumes that the other is going to sort out the parlous state of the bank balance. Nevertheless, Aquarius loves the Sagittarian optimism and ability to find something amusing in every situation and these two understand about fun and good times. There is usually a great sexual chemistry between them which rarely dims as neither is clingy nor needs constant reassurance. The Aquarian’s unpredictable behaviour and the Sagittarian’s irresponsibility, however, can result in all sorts of hassle because neither is able to rein in the other. No matter: this lively duo invariably talks itself out of every difficulty!

Aquarius and Capricorn

Astrological neighbours such as Aquarius and Capricorn usually have a bit of a tough time but this duo, despite all seeming signs to the contrary, is possibly an exception that proves the rule. Capricorn really admires the Aquarian’s friendliness and progressive outlook and Aquarius is in thrall to the Capricorn ambition, perseverance and patience. In addition these two have a great sense of humour, the dry Capricorn wit a lovely foil for the Aquarian’s more boisterous bonhomie. However, they both have a healthy distrust of the emotional arena and because feelings are usually ignored or glossed over each can, from time to time, feel rather lonely in the relationship. Capricorn often feels it has to exercise a great deal of fortitude when Aquarius digs in its heels and is often too quick to pour cold water all over the Waterbearer’s more exotic plans. Aquarius is not in the least bit snobby or concerned with status, but Capricorn likes to climb social mountains. There are often stand-offs about places to go and whether friends or business contacts come first. Financially these two are miles apart. Capricorn needs to feel that there is money in the bank and in numerous little nest eggs. A very cautious approach to spending makes the Goat very happy. The Aquarian’s somewhat careless attitude to cash does nothing for the Goat’s blood pressure but these two usually realise that a little bit of compromise solves the problem. Often Aquarius is happy to be given a budget without having to worry about the bigger picture! ‘Business before pleasure’ is a Capricorn motto and this applies to its sex life as well: Aquarius is unpredictable and certainly doesn’t schedule bedroom time. Thus, it is easy to see how, after the initial excitement of what is generally a good sexual rapport has died down, this couple’s intimate moments can become very sporadic. With Aquarius reluctant to pull up roots and Capricorn concerned with appearances, these two often bury their differences and make a great success of their relationship.

Aquarius and Aquarius

Same sign combinations are often more of a disaster than a triumph but the Aquarian duo probably has the best chance of a happy outcome. Aquarians seek a genuine companion with whom they can enjoy a busy social life and a lot of lively debate. They also need someone who isn’t going to throw jealous hissy fits when ex-lovers (or ex-partners) appear on the scene or they spend time talking to another very attractive individual. Aquarians understand that it is invariably the power of the mind that is so beguiling, not the vital statistics. They also understand each other’s need for freedom and independence and certainly don’t track each other around town. Because Aquarius resonates to two planets, difficulties can arise if one takes the more conventional and penny-pinching route and the other the road labelled contrary and free-spending. In that situation, it is sometimes only a mutual reluctance to embark on change that keeps them together. As with all same sign relationships, it is inevitable that every characteristic is mirrored in the partner, for better or worse. Both will want to verbally rule the roost and to be in the right. A lot of rather dogmatic statements and attitudes can emanate from an Aquarian twosome and each other’s obstinate stance can bring about much door slamming and hostile muttering. They also find it difficult to establish true emotional rapport, thus from time to time perhaps feeling misunderstood and isolated. Sexually this partnership can be wonderfully rewarding, especially as both tend to see sex as something purely physical and immensely good fun rather than an emotional exchange. For many double Aquarian partnerships, once the initial heat has gone from the physical relationship, sex goes way down the ‘to do’ list, but for others it becomes more intense and varied as the years go on. Ultimately, however, it’s the friendship and the intellectual rapport that set the tone for two Aquarians, and getting those factors right is the key to a lasting partnership.

Aquarius and Pisces

As with other air/water combinations in the zodiac, Aquarius and Pisces find each other absolutely fascinating and, to begin with, the relationship just fizzes along. Pisces is a highly accommodating sign, happy to adapt to another lifestyle and personality, and therefore doesn’t have too much of a problem with Aquarius calling the shots and wanting the last word. In fact, in every way Aquarius is happy to take control of this relationship and doesn’t bat an eyelid at the Piscean’s rather unworldly approach to life, thinking it’s found a great soul-mate when it comes to making the world a better place. Needless to say, before too long the Aquarian starts to see the Piscean tears, sensitivities and dramas as grossly over-emotional behaviour. The rational Aquarian mind is also at a loss when dealing with the Piscean intuition, leading to all sorts of misunderstandings. On the plus side, both signs are usually very creative and possess a strong desire to serve and are drawn to charity work and humanitarian causes. Pisces is also highly adept at swimming around the Aquarian stubbornness, leaving the Waterbearer with its heels firmly dug in while the Fish quietly gets on with its own thing. Financially these two are on the same page: both are spenders and neither is particularly savvy about money matters but, as they lurch from one crisis to another, they always seem to scramble their way out. Both know how to make the next buck or two and Aquarius has the perseverance and determination to put plans into action. The sexual attraction between the Waterbearer and Fish is often very strong, but the relationship can get into difficulties because there is no real in-depth rapport. Pisces needs lots of heart to hearts and Aquarius is a very reluctant listener and usually turns a deaf ear to emotional entreaties. Despite the potential problems, the Piscean adaptability and compassion combined with the Aquarian’s willingness and loyalty, plus great tolerance from both, ensures that this relationship endures more often than would be expected.

Aquarius and Sex

There are plenty of astrological myths – Virgos being virgins, Scorpios sex maniacs and Aquarians not particularly interested in sex. Just as Virgos exude an earthy sexuality and Scorpios are passionate about everything in life, not just sex, Aquarians are certainly no slouches when it comes to physical intimacy and could give any sign a run for its money when it comes to variety and breadth of experience. Aquarians are neither sensual like the earth signs, nor as spontaneous as the fire signs or as deeply romantic as the water signs, but make no bones at all about enjoying sex just for the sake of it. This is the one sign, apart perhaps from Gemini, that takes a thoroughly rational approach to intimacy and most Aquarians see intercourse as purely physical and involving the body and the rational mind. Emotions and the yearning to be as one with the partner don’t usually come into it. That, however, doesn’t mean that the Waterbearer has no genuine feelings for a partner, but Aquarians, both male and female, are far more likely to see sex as just that and aren’t looking for any deep emotional connection. These are the people for whom a thoroughly enjoyable one-night stand, with no strings attached, could have been designed.

As an air sign, Aquarius is concerned with the mind and with communication and it’s often a conversation, sexting, something mildly pornographic or an erotic fantasy that sets the scene for a seduction. Forget the romanticism of candles and silk but put the Waterbearer somewhere devoid of something to read or attract its intellect and it’ll be up and away without a goodbye, let alone post coital murmurings. On the basis that Aquarius likes to think it is always in the right, it is unthinkable for Waterbearers to believe they leave anything to be desired when it comes to the bedroom. From a young age Aquarians soak up information and by the time they embark on their first affair like to think they have this whole sex business completely sewn up. Certainly, most Waterbearers are extremely competent lovers from the first. Some, however, never take on board the fact that there are other techniques and stick to the same routine for ever thus ensuring, as the years go on, that boredom probably sets in and the sexual side of a relationship cools. On the other hand, there are just as many Aquarians who run the gamut from A-Z in sexual practices and enjoy every one of them.

 Aquarius is very good at protecting its vulnerabilities which is why it frequently takes its time before rushing into a committed sexual relationship. The Waterbearer will dread the feeling of emotional and psychological nakedness that is inevitable in a successful long-term partnership and, in order to embark on this wonderful journey, fundamentally needs an excellent meeting of minds. It is frequently the intellectual rapport that is the harbinger of a potentially good sex life for male and female Aquarians alike.

Aquarius and Commitment

The air signs generally are not synonymous with the idea of commitment. There is far too much to see and do, and far too many people to get to know, to make it easy for them to stick to one particular place or one special person. Aquarius, however, is a fixed sign and extremely reluctant to abandon the status quo, however much it might talk about doing so. It is also a sign that usually shows enormous loyalty to those it loves. Nevertheless, despite that faithfulness and fear of change, many Aquarians quite happily indulge in a little flirtation or even a one night mistake, as they would term it, and genuinely fail to understand how this unfortunate situation could throw a spanner into the works of an otherwise good relationship. To them it is just a physical thing, with certainly no emotional involvement. It’s also their way of dealing with problems in a partnership. Because Aquarians can’t or won’t go down the feelings route, their only way to show they are either bored or restless, or perhaps both, is to make it absolutely plain by either having an affair or leaving. Somehow they think that the former is the better option! Also, because they don’t wear their heart on their sleeve they are adept at keeping that first flush of excitement in any new relationship, or a sneaky bit of one night fun, well and truly hidden. For Aquarians, freedom in a relationship is not about being able to have an affair, but about being trusted. If given that trust, affairs suddenly seem less interesting and the idea of straying definitely becomes a much less attractive option.

Most Waterbearers make conscientious parents and separated Aquarians have been known to slot back into old routines and make use of the marital home as if no rift had taken place at all. In fact, most Aquarian divorcees remain great friends, despite all the upsets and legal hassle. The Waterbearers really want to believe that love and friendship will sustain any important relationship and, given that companionship, most Aquarians won’t dream of straying from the nest. A good Aquarian partnership can be extremely stable, especially if the Waterbearer is given room to manoeuvre and his or her need for independence is indulged. Rein in that slightly contrary Aquarian spirit, however, and they’ll decide that the status quo isn’t worth keeping.

Aquarius and Money

Aquarius resonates to two planets: Saturn keeps a keen eye on the budget and plans assiduously for the future while Uranus takes the view that there are always plenty of credit cards and the possibility of a better paid job. Money per se for the Uranian Waterbearers is not important as long as the bills can be paid and there’s sufficient to splash out on a treat or two. However, in keeping with the idea that Aquarians act on the spur of the moment, leaving others to wonder where on earth they got the money for the latest extravagance, debts can quickly accrue. Waiting for that exotic holiday or expensive piece of modern technology is not an option for this group. Having got itself into slightly deep financial waters, rather than sitting around bemoaning its lot, the Aquarian either works itself to the bone making more money or, in very Saturnian fashion, goes without, living on a bare minimum until the debts are more manageable.

The more financially astute Aquarian is attuned to Saturn: this Waterbearer is very conscious of money and makes a huge effort to ensure that nothing frivolous ever finds its way onto a financial statement. These are the Aquarians who ensure there is always money in one savings scheme or another, are hugely conscious of what a pension plan is going to bring in and is on the lookout for a bargain wherever it can be found. This Waterbearer can feel physically ill, to say nothing of getting thoroughly stressed, if there is the slightest indication of a pecuniary problem. Most Aquarians are a bewildering mix of both planetary associations where it comes to their finances, displaying what is tantamount to complete irresponsibility one minute and wise investment the next. Although both types can be generous to a fault, the Saturnian is perhaps more questioning about where money is going, whilst the Uranian hands out cash without a care, spreading largesse and a load of goodwill. Aquarius can sometimes be far too idealistic for its own good and tends to be a zealous and instinctive financial champion of all sorts of people and causes that invariably turn out to be not quite what they seem. The natural rebel in every Aquarius also means that they are capable of investing in something simply because they have been advised not to. Losing money won’t mean they lose sleep: to them it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry.

For many Aquarians the later years of life can be very special. These are people with plenty of interests and hobbies and as long as they have enough cash to keep up with friends, travel around a bit and pursue whatever is the pastime of the moment, they will be very content. As the Waterbearer often finds its niche in temporary work, many of them thoroughly enjoy taking three or six month contracts in jobs they would never have thought of during their younger years. Aquarius will be unpredictable to the end, amazing all and sundry with its very individual take on how to raise cash and how to spend it.

Aquarius at Home

The Aquarian home, just like the Waterbearer itself, is likely to be full of surprises. It is said that Aquarius is “modern but fixed in the past” and this is wonderfully descriptive of its preferred surroundings. In amongst the modern technology, and this sign just loves gadgets and gizmos, and a clutch of sometimes quite extraordinary artefacts and ornaments will be a favourite armchair, now sagging and slightly threadbare, a beautiful antique desk, a grandfather clock and one or two other collectables, all mixed in with sundry reminders of childhood. Only an Aquarian manages to marry the two very differing styles with such taste and panache: old and new will blend beautifully. Whilst the décor generally will be striking – many Aquarians like bold colours and clean lines – expect to see all sorts of unexpected features.

Books and pictures are also very important to the Waterbearer and no Aquarian home is complete without a stack of both. Pictures, in particular, will have stories attached: this is not a sign that, on the whole, collects anything just because it has some kind of aesthetic appeal. They must be reminders of times past, of those roots that all Aquarians are so reluctant to pull up, or some connection with the artist or the subject matter. As to books, Aquarians have a real thirst for knowledge and there won’t be much they won’t be able to discover from their very eclectic selection: every Aquarian likes to think it is totally up to date with what the world is thinking. Most take a real interest in people but conversing with Aquarians can be a rather disconcerting experience. They rarely think twice about asking rather personal questions and have few qualms about conducting what can sometimes seem like an interrogation in an attempt to get to know someone better. However, vagueness and comments that have not been properly thought through will get short shrift from the Waterbearer.

With both parsimony and sudden spending sprees part of the Aquarian character, they tend to hang on to clothes that are well past their use-by date on the one hand, and have a wardrobe full of highly fashionable, and often idiosyncratic, apparel on the other. All Waterbearers have a wonderful knack of mixing clothes that on them look thoroughly stylish but on anyone else would cause a few raised eyebrows and a concern for their wellbeing. The Waterbearer has to feel it is an individual: this is never someone who will just go along with the crowd and, even at a very formal occasion, Aquarius will subtly make its own special mark. Shades of blue, especially turquoise, are associated with Aquarius as are amethysts, aquamarines and orchids, a flower that is often shown at its best as an individual stem. As to their musical taste, this is another exercise in expecting the unexpected. For them there will be no particular genre or flavour of the month: anything from grand opera to local folk tunes and brass bands could be on their play list. Older Aquarians sometimes pride themselves on keeping up with the younger groups and singers, reluctant to be seen as a child of any particular decade and certainly not wanting to appear past it. Very few Aquarians go quietly into old age.

The Aquarius glyph of the two wavy lines is symbolic of electronic communication and the Waterbearers are usually the first in line for anything new in modern technology. Expect an Aquarian home either to be full of labour-saving equipment, extraordinary lighting schemes and natty little gadgets or devoid of the lot. Aquarius can be contrary, even perverse, but whatever the particular scenario, the Aquarian home will always be a memorable, thoroughly welcoming and sociable environment.

Aquarius at Leisure

Certain signs of the zodiac have relatively low boredom thresholds and Aquarius is one of them. The Waterbearer doesn’t relish lounging about for hours on end: its mind must be occupied even if the body is feeling hung-over or suffering from anything from flu to a sprained ankle, and ankles are the Aquarian’s weak spots. Nothing will stop a quick piece of internet research, a dip into the new bestseller or a series of chatty emails to friends old and new. As for social media – that’s a bit of Aquarian heaven! Most Aquarians never correspond on a regular basis but when they do, it’s with gusto, humour and information galore. A settled routine is not the Waterbearer’s way of going about life and nothing pleases them more than a spur of the moment invitation to anything from the theatre to an alfresco supper. At the same time it’s sometimes difficult to judge whether the Aquarian is going to be great company or not. On the one hand they can be the life and soul of the party and on the other standoffish or deliberately argumentative and dogmatic.

On the whole Aquarians are far too individualistic to be comfortable with taking group orders or bending to the will of the majority. Although there are certainly some Waterbearers who are captain of this team or member of that, they mainly go in for sports where a personal best is required, whether it’s on the squash court, athletics field or ski slopes. Aries or Virgo are particularly thought of as the zodiac’s mechanics, but Aquarians are often very interested in anything to do with engineering and usually very knowledgeable about cars, planes, boats and trains, to say nothing of the model variety as well. They are also no mean thespians and are often the leading lights at the amateur dramatic group or, with their communication and IT skills, popular presenters on hospital radio.

Do not expect to find too many Aquarians to be holidaying at the resort du jour: they will have been there and done that long before it became popular. This sign is guaranteed to be doing something rather different from the rest of the world whilst, at the same time, adding to its encyclopaedic knowledge. City breaks, exploring a new region of its own home country, seeking out the smaller museums, learning a new skill, volunteering to help with a special event: all appeal to the Waterbearer. Overseas, the Aquarians won’t just be finding the best restaurants and bars but will make it their business to get to know numerous members of the local population, returning from holiday with a dozen new friends. Sweden, Canada and Russia all have traditional associations with Aquarius, as do the cities of Salzburg, Hamburg, Stockholm and St Petersburg. Last, but by no means least, Aquarians are definitely some of the people most concerned with what is happening to the earth at the moment and determined to do something about it. Whether it’s highlighting global warming or promoting organic produce, the Waterbearer will not only want to be involved but feel it’s almost a duty. Aquarians rarely reach old age with a load of regrets as most of them feel they’ve been lucky enough to have fulfilled most of their hopes and wishes.

Food, Drink and Diets for Aquarius

Aquarians are some of the most inventive cooks in the zodiac. As with everything else about this sign, the Waterbearer has an extremely happy knack of being able to throw ingredients together and come up with something new, delicious and totally individual. Even when a recipe is followed, there is always a moment when the Aquarian decides that the instructions can be improved upon with a pinch of this or that. Fusion cooking was designed for them and while the Waterbearer is often at the forefront of any modern cuisine it never forgets that the basic culinary techniques are centuries old and is never likely to bin grandma’s cook book.

Chillies, limes and pepper all have associations with Aquarius, as do herbs and spices with rather sharp or unusual flavours, so it’s not surprising that many Aquarians are more than happy to avoid anything rather bland. But, with their unpredictable natures, instead of tucking into the hottest curry they’ll suddenly decide that a few tiger prawns or eggs Benedict will do very nicely. On the whole the Waterbearer likes a lot of flexibility as to meal times and, like all the air signs, often copes better with the lighter meals though never refuses the richer and heavier four course banquet, but might regret it later. Its conventional side likes the idea of sitting down to a meal, but its innate bohemian nature doesn’t mind whether it’s the high-backed dining chair or cushions, the family silver or plastic. In its search for something different, Aquarius will always be keen to find wines from the latest production area but won’t abandon the more established vineyards. Whether dessert or ice wines, a good sparkling fizz, the best champagne, or a little known red or white, the Aquarian will either know about it or have a bottle or two to hand. German beers are usually found in the fridge and this sign is often very well informed about bottled water.

If the Waterbearer finds that the pounds are piling on, it needs a weight loss regime that can be personally tailored to its individual needs, full of variety and inclusive of exercise as well. Routine, as with the rest of the Aquarian’s life, will never achieve results. Supplementing any regime with the right vitamins, minerals, tissue salts and anything else the health food shop has to offer is very much Aquarian territory too. Aquarius needs to know it can cope with a weight loss programme before starting any regime. A set-back could mean forgetting all the good advice and abandoning plans to lose a few pounds. Or, being Aquarians, they could, perversely, just try another diet!

Presents for Aquarius

All Aquarians like to feel that they are either one step ahead of the crowd or totally in tune with the past. True to the idiosyncratic way they go through life, they probably won’t put clothes of any kind at the top of a birthday or Christmas wish list, and yet Ms Aquarius will be over the moon if given a beautiful scarf, cashmere sweater or something from the vintage range and Mr Aquarius will be secretly thrilled with a less than discreet waistcoat, tie or braces (he’ll think he’s back in the 80s). No Waterbearer likes to blend into the background and bright colours are always welcome. Jewellery for an Aquarian must be distinctive too. From scarf pin to cuff links, necklace to signet ring, there will be nothing discreet: let it make a big statement.

Because the Aquarian’s circulation is not always up to par, exercise is usually very important and, reluctant as the Waterbearer might be to admit it, anything that helps the whole business of keeping fit could be invaluable, from gym membership to pedometer. And, for those who suffer from the curse of cold hands and feet, socks, gloves and even a hot water bottle cover – all with some kind of zany motif.

With its humanitarian and green credentials, the Waterbearer will never turn down anything that is going to improve the world it lives in. Presents that are made from recycled materials, or a gift that will support a good cause are usually dear to its heart. As Aquarians are the supreme gadget people, whether the latest gizmo is of any real purpose or practical use won’t matter: the Waterbearer will think it’s the last word in either sophistication or fun. Aquarians love to learn and to add to their skills: from a beginner’s course in anything from astrology to zoology to the latest biography, travel book or quiz compendium – all will be welcome. Bearing in mind that Aquarius can be as conventional as it is modern, a small addition to its collection of prints, or an antique ink pot or model of a classic car for the desk, could be just perfect.

Most of all, perhaps, the Waterbearer just loves those very quirky items that are found on the spur of the moment. Aquarius has feet firmly rooted in the past but its eyes are always on the future.

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