If you ever wonder what is astrology, we are here to share our knowledge and experience with you. An ancient science brought to present days to enlighten your path and to discover how to improve your life.

Looking for hidden treasures in a library, looking for cosmic patterns, living in the same time in a mythological world in a modern Universe, in a constant search for improvement,that’s us in 20 years of experience, learning and sharing this experience HoroscopeSign was born. Certainly you have wondered what astrology exactly is, we at HoroscopeSign are here to uncover this mystical world for you and help you improve your life, your choices and your chances through this ancient science adapted to our hectic and modern world.

What will you get if you become a silver member?
  • AstroPersonality Report – a portrait of who you really are
  • Astro-Psychology Reports: General, Personal growth and Career – based on your personality type
  • A Short Natal Report – useful for those who want to learn astrology and also available in the section of natal chart (click on planets for their interpretation)
  • Grant Lewi Report – if you enjoyed the description in Sun -Moon category of each sign, now you can read the entire report based on Grant Lewi books
  • 6 Degree Interpretation Reports for those who are seeking a deeper meaning to their life
  • Daily Horoscope
  • Monthly Horoscope
  • Solar Return
  • Karmic Report
  • Relationship Report – you in relation with others (psychological analyze)
  • Relationship Question
  • Natal Chart and Essential dignities

Our projects:

  • Yearly Transit
  • Progression
  • Midpoints: in natal astro-chart, in transit, solar and progression
  • Medical Report
  • Compatibility Report
  • Solar Return Chart, Transit Chart, Compatibility Chart
  • Arabic Parts in your Astro Chart

…and much more!

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